4th Grade

Mrs. Fleischhaur

Ms. Meade




Fourth grade is an exciting year! It is a year of growing, independence, and responsibility. Students are learning to do more work on their own at school and home. Our ultimate goal in fourth grade is to prepare the students to be successful in school and in life.

The student will…

·       Be responsible for keeping assignments written correctly in planners.

·       Care for his/her own materials and belongings.

·       Respect all peers and adults.

·       Demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness every day.

·       Be an active participant in their learning.

·       Always try their best.

The parent will…

·       Will check that homework is complete and sign planners each night.

·       Assist child as needed with assignments at home.

·       Communicate with teacher of any concerns.

“You have to be Interested Before Things Become Interesting.”

Character Counts

Citizenship-cooperating to make school a better place
Responsibility-using self control and trying to do ones best
Respect-showing consideration for others
Trustworthy-being honest and following through on work