5th Grade


Ms. Pitts

Mrs. Heltzel

Mrs. Guthrie

Mrs. Garst











At GW Carver, 

     We are KIND,

            We are HONEST,

                         and We always do our BEST!

The 5th grade teachers at G.W. Carver Elementary School are instilling a sense of responsibility in our students, a love for learning, and a sense of pride.  It is our belief that these three values will help them with their next big step…MIDDLE SCHOOL.   

Ask yourself this question, “How can I best help my 5th grader?”  Answer it by giving your child responsibilities such as having them plan a family menu for the week, making a grocery list, and estimating how much money the family will need for the grocery shopping trip.  Encourage them to read for pleasure and to research topics for which they have a passion.  This leads to a love for learning, and may lead to a potential career choice.  Lastly, be sure to pick out positive attributes your child possesses, and tell them just how much you love these qualities.

Give your child these three tools for their new destination: a sense of responsibility, a love for learning, and a sense of pride in themselves.  Life is a journey, and your child is about to reach new heights as they progress to middle school.  Your child will need these tools to navigate through life. 

Academically, our curriculum is based on the SOLs provided by the Virginia Department of Education.  The core subjects that are taught in 5th grade are Math, English/Reading, Science, and US History Part I.  More information on the SOLs can be found here.  

Students also enjoy an activity block each day, which includes art, music, physical education, library, guidance, and technology instruction.

We look forward to having a great school year, where we will love, engage, and inspire your child.


“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes